Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging EMEA Partner

Wireless Charging Made Simpler

Enable your guests to charge their devices quickly & easily. No searching for cables or plug sockets.

Increase Footfall

Customers increasingly look for venues that provide access to power. Wireless charging differentiates your venue and attracts new customers. Your property gets free promotion in the AirCharge wireless charging locations app.

Monetise Dwell Time

Data from sites where wireless charging is installed shows an average increase of 47% customer dwell time and a corresponding 60% in bar takings.

Build Customer Loyalty

Use your wireless charging points as a gateway to provide customers access to promotions and loyalty points.

Reduce Battery Anxiety​

Battery anxiety is a real thing. 90% of people worry about their phone running out of battery. 41% of people say they have missed an important call because of a dead battery.

Trusted Partners

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