Smart room controls

Smart Room Technology Parter

Transform any Hotel room into a 'smart' Hotel room

Our cloud based solution combines with a modular and future ready platform that enhances guest comfort and engagement whilst delivering state of the art energy controls to reduce on property operating costs.

Putting the Controls in Your Guest’s Hands

Our smart room technology allows guests direct communication with hotel staff, services and amenities while providing in-room IoT control from their own devices.

Delight Your Guests Whilst Reducing Your Bills

Our in-room control system delivers the latest IoT controls for the property to remotely monitor and adjust energy usage by intelligently adjusting room temperatures, lighting and power outlets based upon guest occupancy thus reducing on-property energy consumption and costs.

Transform Your Rooms to Smart Rooms in an Instant​

Your rooms can be transformed into smart-rooms quickly and with minimum impact on guests. Each room install only taking 60 minutes.

Trusted Partners

Kognos is signed as the hospitality industry partner with the following companies to deliver these solutions.