In-Room Voice Assistant

In-Room Voice Activated Assistant EMEA Partner

The Concierge in Your Room

Our voice activated in-room assistant is designed to enhance the guest experience by providing instant access to all important information a guest requires simply by asking.

Improve Guest Service

Make your guests feel important and taken care of without burdening your staff. Requests for common information or room services are quickly and easily dealt with through our in in-room concierge voice activated system.

  • Handle  Common Questions quickly and efficiently on demand.
  • Channel room requests and  standard interactions like wake up calls and laundry services on demand.
  • Replace brochures and compendiums and other in room fact sheets.

Get to Know Your Guests’ Requirements​

Our in-room assistant captures data from questions asked by your guests. This enables you to obtain a detailed insight into their needs that in turn leads to in-depth knowledge of all FAQs.

Start Engaging Your Guests

Differentiate your property and enhance your brand to truly engage your guests.  Its your brand that attracts and retains your guests. Create a brand driven yet personal experience for your guests. Offer them interactions that appeal to their interests and make recommendation that caters for their needs.

Suggest high margin on-property or partner provided services at times of space capacity be it, a Spa Appointment, a Golf Tee Time, a Special Menu or Special Cocktail offer. Make your customers feel valued each step of their journey.

Trusted Partners

Kognos is signed as the hospitality industry partner with the following companies to deliver these solutions.