Our solutions for Universities are designed to improve the Student and Conference Delegate experience as well as generating improved revenues from the campus

Wireless Charging

Modern Universities today are both places of learning and Conference centres.

Students and conference delegates rely heavily on their mobile phones throughout the day. Our wireless charging solution ensures that they remain connected without relying on cables or power banks.

Voice Activated In-Room Concierge

In many ways, University Campuses function as Hotels. As a consequence, Students and Conference delegates have the same needs and requirements as Hotel Guests.

Students and Delegates can use voice activated  In-room Assistants for Campus specific information (refectory/café hours, location etc), request amenities or message the Porter’s Desk.

Guests can create customised playlists of music, discover on-property and local events, check timetables, access on-site amenities and more.

Smart Student/Conference Accommodation

Provide students and Conference delegates with the ultimate control of their personal working environment. From controlling the heating and lighting, to communicating with on-site support staff, our smart room technology enables the student/delegate to manage their living space. It also enables the University to manage the heating, lighting and power usage when the room is vacant – all by utilising the power of smart devices.

Keyless Entry Via Mobile Key

Bring the Hotel experience to students and delegates by providing a key delivered directly to their mobile phone.

Keyless entry, seamless check-in and remote check-out are all a part of technology change in the ‘Guest Experience’ and represent a welcome efficiency for Facilities Management teams at Universities.

World Class Wi-Fi

HP Aruba’s intelligent Wi-Fi system enables Universities to offer their Students and Conference guests a truly premium experience guaranteeing 100% coverage across your Campus.


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