Our solutions for the Hotel Industry are all designed to improve the guest Experience

Wireless Charging

Give Power And Get Engagement

9 out of 10 guests suffer from the fear of losing power on their phone especially when they are away from home. Kognos assists hotels in elevating their customer service and providing guests with the connectivity they require.

Aircharge’s wireless charging system seamlessly integrates with your hotels’ furniture design to create a premium feel and enhanced experience, leaving power cables and adaptors a thing of the past.

The system is suitable for use in bars/restaurants, guest bedrooms, lounges and meeting and conference rooms.

The wireless charging system also gives the Hotelier useful insights and analytics in real-time and who visits the charging points, how long they stay, where they sit and when they come back.

Join the family of hotels already using the AirCharge Wireless solution.

Voice Activated in Room Concierge

Guests staying with voice activated in-room assistants can ask for hotel-specific information (pool hours or location for example), request amenities or message the front desk.

Guests can create customised playlists for music of their choice. Or get locally recommended restaurants, tours, activities for children and special events.

Smart Rooms

Our smart room technology allows the Guest to be in control, whilst enabling the property owner to manage the power and usage efficiently – all from a mobile device. Guests can not only control the comfort factors of heat and light in their room but the hotel can manage usage of lights and power when the room is unoccupied.

Keyless Entry via Mobile Key

The Mobile Key revolution is underway as guests want complete control more now than ever and major chains around the world are responding.

Keyless entry, seamless check-in and remote check-out are all a part of ‘key’ change in the guest experience and represent a welcome efficiency for hotel operations.

World Class Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is still the single most complained about service in a hotel. It  impacts upon the whole of a guest’s stay since on average at least two devices are connected to the Hotel’s WiFi system immediately upon arrival.

HP Aruba’s intelligent Wi-Fi system enables hoteliers to offer their clients a truly premium experience, guaranteeing 100% coverage across your premises.

A platform for innovation. The reliability and reach of Aruba’s Wi-Fi enables hoteliers to confidently implement new guest solutions such as Apps enabling the ordering of food and drinks right through to In-Room Concierge and many other services. Aruba’s access points deployed at the hotel entrance play a key role in enabling the identification of guests booked via an App and passing information on to security/greeting teams and enabling a superior personalised welcome.


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