Health Care

Our solutions for the Health Care industry are designed to improve the Patient experience by bringing the Hotel panache to your facility

Wireless Charging

Bring the Hotel experience to your Clients and treat them as Guests rather than Patients by offering them the amenities and convenience they would expect when resident away from home.

Voice Activated In-Room Concierge

Enable your Client patients to effortlessly communicate with Nursing and Support staff using our voice-activated In-Room assistant.

Ease the pressure on nursing stations responding to buzzers and enable Patients to make specific requests for things as simple as a jug of water or fresh linen.

The Smart Private Room

Enable Patients to control light and room temperature from their bed. Or to communicate with the Nursing Station directly. Our smart room solution empowers the patient and improves staff efficiency. Simple comfort requests such as nursing assistance are effortlessly answered all the while the system is significantly managing heat, power and light usage within the facility.

Keyless Entry Via Mobile Key

Enhance patient security on site at the hospital – providing both staff and patients with a secure method for entry to rooms and wards via the Keyless Entry system.

World Class Wi-Fi

HP Aruba’s intelligent Wi-Fi system enables Healthcare Facilities to offer patients, staff and visitors a truly premium experience guaranteeing 100% coverage across the hospital campus.


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